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  • Available in the following pack sizes
  • Singles
  • Minipack – S4, M4, L4, XL4, XXL3
  • Travel Pack – NB22, S20, M18, L16, XL14, XXL12
  • Econo Pack - NB44, S40, M36, L32, XL28, XXL24
  • Jumbo Pack – S60, M54, L48, XL42, XXL36
  • Mega Pack – M84, L72, XL60

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Bubble Top Sheet

The new Bubble Top Sheet reduces the area that comes in contact with your baby’s skin, thus protecting your baby's delicate skin from harmful bacteria that leads to diaper rash. It allows air to flow freely between the diaper and skin so your baby stays dry and comfortable.

Side Leak Guards

A built-in system that effectively stops leakage on the side.

Elastic Waist Band

Stretchable and soft waist band that fits snugly on your baby’s waist for better fit and easier movement.

100% Breathable Color Cottony Cover

The super soft, breathable cover gives baby ultimate comfort by ensuring regular air flow thus, reducing heat build up. The colorful design makes for a joyful wear as baby grows up.

Wider Magic Tapes

The new tapes are wider and the special shape allows easy adjustment and holds diaper securely in place. It reseals over and over even after contact with baby oil and baby powder.

High Absorbent Core with Adequate Distribution Layer (ADL)

Provides maximum dryness that draws urine away from sensitive skin to prevent diaper rash, thus providing affordable and superior overnight protection for baby.

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