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Preparing for the Big Day: Packing for the Hospital Stay

By: PJB Admin | 8 years ago
Tags: Pregnancy

After months of preparation, changes, and anticipation, the big day is finally here: it’s Labor Day! The big day frequently comes as a surprise to most people, so everything you need for the hospital stay should be ready before your expected date. This way, all you have to do once “Labor Day” comes is grab your things and rush to the hospital.

Packing for the hospital stay is essential as labor sometimes takes 12 hours or longer. Also, it can take a few days before you and your baby are discharged, so it will be tricky for your husband to leave your side just to get some much needed essentials.

If you are clueless about what to pack, here’s a handy guide to what must be in your birthing bag.

  1. Mommy’s Bag

Your birthing bag should contain all the essentials you need for the duration of your hospital stay. Here’s a list of what you will need:

  • Comfortable clothes – Since labor lasts for several hours, make sure you pack comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting soiled. Bring a comfortable t-shirt or nightshirt, and don’t forget to pack socks as the temperature in the hospital can get cold.
  • Hair tie – Having long hair can be messy during labor and may make you feel uncomfortable, or it may stick to your face especially if you’re sweating! Pack a hairband, hair clip, or a hair tie to keep your locks in place.
  • Nursing and maternity bras – Bring at least two or three nursing bras with you to prepare for breastfeeding. Ensure that you’re wearing a comfortable maternity bra as your breasts can become swollen after the first breastfeeding.
  • Toiletries – Pack your own toiletries since your hospital stay may last for at least two to three days. Although most hospitals give out a toiletry pack upon admission, bring your own deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap and other essentials, just in case. Having these familiar items will also help in making you feel comfortable.
  • A going home outfit – Finally, pack a comfortable outfit for the journey home. Use some of your maternity dresses, as your stomach does not immediately shrink back to its old size right after childbirth.

          2. Baby’s Bag

Just like you, your baby will also have their needs once they come out. Aside from your birthing bag, pack your baby’s things in a separate bag. Here is a list of the items you should pack:

  • Infant clothes – Your baby needs warm clothes for the hospital stay and the journey home. Be sure to pack some of the infant clothes you bought for them.
  • Diapers – Your baby can go through as many as 12 diapers in a day. You need to pack more in case your hospital stay goes on longer.
  • Soft blanket, socks, and a bonnet – Your baby may feel cold at times so be sure to pack some soft blankets, socks, and a bonnet for them.
  • Bibs – These are handy for cleaning any milk your baby may cough up during feeding.
  • Baby bottles – There are instances when your baby has to feed from the bottle this early. Keep a bottle or two in your bag just in case you need it.
  • Soft towels – These will be handy when your baby gets dirty and needs to be cleaned. Pack some wet wipes as well.

Labor day can go by in a blur. With all the hurrying and worrying, it’s best to have everything laid out and ready to avoid adding another worry to the list. Having your bags ready weeks before your expected date lessens your worries and helps direct your concentration entirely on delivering your baby safely.

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