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Grins and Yawns: Soothing Teething Toddlers for Bedtime

By: PJB Admin | 8 years ago
Tags: Parenting

Your baby’s smile may be one of the most beautiful things you can see. However, the journey to seeing that toothy smile is not an easy one, as teething is one of the most challenging phases of parenthood.

Babies begin developing teeth in as early as a few months, but it takes a while before they show. The usual signs that a baby is teething are drooling, chewing, increased biting and sucking, low grade fever, and restlessness at night, punctuated by crankiness and crying. This is the phase of rearing a child that most parents find difficult: the restless nights and endless cries of their little one.

Soothing a teething child can prove to be difficult for some, but there are a few tips and tricks you can keep up your sleeve to help lull your child to sleep. Some of them are:

  • Maintain a steady bedtime routine

As you may be well aware of by now, motherhood involves inconsistent sleeping patterns for your child. Just as you are finally able to work out a pattern for their bedtime, they begin teething. During the day, your baby is not too fussy even when teething because they are preoccupied with other activities. When bedtime comes however, they have nothing else to do so they notice the pain and discomfort.

Make sure that they are asleep at set times of the day. Sticking to a schedule ensures that your baby gets the right amount of sleep.

  • Maintain an environment conducive for sleeping

It is best to keep your baby’s room quiet and peaceful to create an environment conducive to sleeping. Having this environment calms them and makes them sleep easier.

Here are some ways to help create an ideal sleeping environment for your baby:

  • Rock your baby in your arms using a constant motion. This relaxes babies and induces sleep.
  • Swaddle them in a blanket. A warm, fuzzy environment around your baby helps them relax and fall asleep faster.
  • Sing them lullabies or hum. A steady, soft sound coupled with a fairly quiet environment is ideal for sleeping.
  • Soothe your baby’s pain

There are a number of remedies available to help soothe your baby’s teething pain. The most basic way is to softly massage your baby’s gums with clean fingers. You can also use teething toys or chilled pureed apples if your baby is old enough for them.

In some situations, parents give their babies medicines like painkillers, but it is strongly recommended to consult your pediatrician before doing so.

  • Feed them only soft food at night

Always keep in mind that your baby’s gums are sensitive during the teething period. It is wiser to just feed them with breast milk, baby formula or mashed food just before bedtime to avoid stressing their gums.

  • Patience is the key

It is understandable for any parent to feel frustrated with the situation, but the most important trick in dealing with a teething infant at bedtime is patience – loads and loads of patience. It is important to understand that they do not want to be in this much pain as much as you do not want to be in this situation. Being more patient and understanding towards your baby can also help you develop a closer bond with them.


Teething is never easy, but it is only temporary. It is only the appearance of the first few teeth that are the most difficult for your baby, but the succeeding ones will be easier to deal with.

Teething pains usually last for a few months – that’s a few months of sacrifice in exchange for your baby’s toothy smile that will stay in your memory for a very long time. Seeing your baby’s cute smile in exchange for all of those sleepless nights is surely worth it, don’t you think?

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